• Realistic CAD drawings
  • Explanatory illustrations
  • Colored SEM images
  • Visualisation of concepts


µDoodle is specialized in the visualisation of micro and nanosystems. By combining technical design and graphical illustration methods with practical experience in microfabrication, your ideas can be quickly and effectively visualized. You will find the benefit from having detailed drawings inspired by your vision in your papers, project proposals or presentations to convince management and peers of your idea.

The world at the micro and nanoscale is often difficult to acquire clear images from. Moreover, it is often very costly and time consuming before any ideas have been developed into actual devices. You might need to convince your sponsors that the risk which they are taking by supporting you is worth it. Having accurate and appealing images at your presentation or proposal will be very defining in their judgement. Being a scientist, your ideas might be abstract and difficult to grasp for non-technical managers. In order to convince your peers in papers and presentations, correct and detailed illustrations will be very helpfull